My knowledge comes from a solid academic background in aquaculture, fish quality, food science, sustainability and social accountability combined with more than 20 years of experience in the seafood sector as a shrimp farm manager, seafood quality manager in the fish long liner industry, quality assurance inspector, product integrity manager, auditor, trainer for different standards and as a lead assessor for sustainable schemes.
Having this background and the opportunity of working in more than 60 countries suppliers of seafood products globally; allow me to understand the complexity of the seafood supply chain, synergies across diverse fields, disciplines, and people.
In June 2014, I founded an independent seafood consultancy. Prior to this, I held a position at Pacifical c.v as Product Integrity Manager for almost five years. Additionally, I worked as the Coordinator of the MSC CoC implementation for the Parties of the Nauru Agreement (PNA) in the Western Central Pacific Ocean which is a leading example of the well-managed tuna fishery. I was responsible for several tasks as I led work on international tuna markets, PNA capacity building - training and provides technical expert advice concerning social and sustainable sourcing of tuna products, tuna quality and traceability. I have participated in expert steering groups and advisory teams of the Marine Stewardship Council of MSC CoC and labor issues in the United Kingdom, Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (Switzerland), AQUA-LIT (Spain), and Seafoodtaskforce (Thailand). 

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